Why Your Pipes Make Noise?


There are many things in our home that we don’t think too much about until something goes wrong. Many of us can’t remember when we last time checked our pipe system. This is bad because we aren’t aware of the problem that can happen. We usually wait for it and then call a professional for help. It would be better if we could prevent any issues from happening. Loud pipes are just one of many problems that can occur.

The worst thing that can happen is that we would need to replace the whole systems or sewer replacement which can be expensive. These jobs can’t be done alone so it’s always better to have a company on your mind when this occurs. A good thing is that we can easily locate the issue when pipes are making noise but to fix it is something else.

Loose Pipes

One of the most common situations where pipes make noise is because they are loose. It depends on what type of pumps the house uses but in every home the water travels at big speeds. After a longer period of time, it can cause the pipes to sway. There’s nothing to do here to prevent it except replacing them before it happens.

It depends on the situation but in households, the pipes are under the house suspended from the floor joist. Sometimes the only thing that needs to be done is to stabilize them. The simplest way to figure out where exactly is the problem is to crawl under the house and let someone flush the toilet. You will be able to find the source of the noise.

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Water Hammer

When the water is rushing through pipes it has a lot of force behind it. If you shut the faucet off you will bring that flow to a sudden stop. The energy that was stored inside needs to go somewhere. There should be an air chamber in the wall behind each cold and hot faucet. Then, when the running water stops, it will push up the vertical pipe where it hits a cushion of air in the pipes. This cushion of air prevents the pipes from rattling.

The cushioning effect can be lost after many years when the air is lost in the vertical riser. It’s a very simple job to prevent this from happening. You will need to shut off the main water valve. After that, you should open all faucets so you can drain the water that is stored there. When you turn it on again, the air will be forced into the risers.

Worn out Washer

The connection between your washer and the valve or faucet can cause a whistling noise that can be very annoying and once you turn on the washer you would need to listen to it until it finishes. Most of these problems will happen over time, there isn’t any other specific reason why it would happen only if you use the wrong valve or pipes.

There’s an easy solution when you hear a squealing noise from your washer machine. The most important thing is to shut off the valve so you won’t have water all over the place. If they are cracked or worn then the only solution is to replace them. That’s usually the case because they corrode through time. You should replace them every 5 to 10 years even if there isn’t any noise.

Main Valve and Toilets

The main valve can be the biggest problem because you will need to turn the water from the street line in order to fix it. Sometimes it may seem that the valve is the problem but it can be the pressure regulator. Some homes have pressure reducers that can cause problems. It can also happen that the issue is in the reducer’s manifold.

Many people don’t know that the toilet shouldn’t make too much noise when refilling. If the noise goes on for a little longer it means that there is a problem with the ballcock that is controlling the fill process. You could repair it yourself if you are familiar to the type you have. If you don’t have the experience you can call a company for help. Fixing this issue isn’t expensive and it’s done quickly.